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Slightly Motored Parts
   3rd Gen F55,F56,F57 
   Base Cooper 
   F60 Countryman (2017&Newer) 
   Motored & Take Offs 

Item Number UOM Qty   Price
6769409SM Each   $100.00
16" 5 Star Blaster 103
This wheel is like new! 16" Wheel off a MINI Cooper S. It will fit 2002-2013 Cooper base models & Cooper S models in 2 door hardtops, Convertibles or Clubman! Fitment models : (R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57)
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
9808905SM Each $244.77 $244.77
MINI Paceman rear window privacy shelf

Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
2352643644sm Set $174.00 $174.00
Vivid Green Mirror Cap Set
Turn some heads with these almost new "slightly Motored" VIVID GREEN Mirror caps! These fit 3rd gen MINI's without the excitement package, (light in the drivers mirror cap) 3rd Gen MINI's are : F56 2014 + newer 2 door hardtops F55 2015 + newer 4 door hardtops F57 2016 + newer Convertibles F54 2016 + newer Clubman F60 2017 + newer Countryman Again, these do NOT have the cutout spot for the light in your Mirror if your MINI has that package. normal shipping rates apply on this item. Slightly Motored parts are inspected before resale. Slightly Motored/ used parts are sold as is, no warranty, refunds, or exchanges.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
2162750751sm set $162.00 $162.00
Orange Mirror Cap set for Powerfold mirrors
These slightly motored orange Mirror caps will give your MINI the uniqueness your looking for! These sweet looking caps are in NEW CONDITION and will fit second gen MINI w/ POWERFOLD option mirrors! Fits R5X & R6X series MINI (base or S models) with Powerfold option mirrors. (2007-2013 2 door hardtops, Coupe, & Roadster, Clubman up to 2014 Countryman & Paceman up to 2016, 2008-2014 Convertible. Available for $50.00 for the set! New these babies go for $81.00 PER SIDE! NO WARRANTY ON USED PARTS. ALL SALES FINAL ON THIS PART. SHIPPING RATES WILL APPLY ON THIS PART.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
RXPureSilver set $0.00 $50.00
Second Gen Powerfold Pure Silver Mirror Cap Set
These caps are paint color Pure Silver. They fit second gen MINI, (base or S models) with POWERFOLD option. (fold in mirror) both caps are pre-motored but in great condition! Fits: R56, R58, R59 2007-2013 2 door hard top, Coupe & Roadster WITH POWERFOLD R55 Clubman up to 2015 R57 2008-2015 Convertible R60/R61 Countryman and Paceman through 2016 Slightly motored parts are inspected before resale, however they are still used parts and may have blemishes, scratches, dings etc. We do our best to note any wear, scratches, blemishes etc. we see, but cannot and do not guarantee that parts in our slightly motored garage sale are free of these. Slightly motored parts / used parts are sold as is. No warranty, refunds or exchanges
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